Understanding the insurance adjuster

The insurance adjuster (or insurance examiner) is the insurance employee who decides when it is time to release a single red cent, silver nickel, or green dollar relative to your claim.  He is the gatekeeper of the insurance company’s vault.

The insurance adjuster is responsible for paying the bills.

And by “bills,” I mean you. The insurance adjuster is responsible for paying you.

Keep in mind, the claims adjuster is not (usually) an attorney.

What this means is that while he may understand the process of valuing claims, calculating settlements, analyzing charges, evaluating allegations, and spotting and investigating signs of fraud and deception, he is not necessarily trained in the art, science, process (and magic) of *the law*.

The magic of *the law*

What this means is that while you, the plaintiff’s lawyer, must rely on the adjuster to cut the check, the adjuster must rely on the plaintiff’s lawyer —i.e.,  you — to advise him as to the company’s rights, obligations, and options (read about crafting an auto accident demand letter here).  It is a beautiful and harmonious symbiotic relationship.  The adjuster supplies the funds.  And you? Well you my friend supply the motivation.

So, get out of that adversarial mindset.

Rudeness, curtness, and nastiness have no place in your dealings with the insurance company.

You cannot intimidate an insurance adjuster.


Because they have the money.

I’ll say it again: They . have . the . money.

They hold the purse strings, Jack; you don’t get paid unless and until they cut the check.

And remember—nay, don’t ever forget the first law of money: A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.  Which means that all else being equal, a fast settlement is worth more than a slow settlement.

If the insurer drags its feet, you don’t eat. Or at the very least, you don’t eat lobster. Or, at the very least, you don’t eat lobster today.

Appeals, discovery motions and objections, scheduling conflicts; all of these stand between you and your next tasty seafood meal.

So, to win at this game you must motivate the insurance company to settle your case.

To motivate the insurance company to settle your case, you must motivate the insurance adjuster to settle your case.

And to motivate the insurance adjuster to settle your case, you must begin by asking yourself “What motivates insurance adjusters?”

And, to find out what motivates insurance adjusters…

Well, you keep reading.

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