Facebook to Fund Digital Safety Ambassadors

Facebook announced Monday it plans to invest over $1.3 million to help train youth to serve as digital safety ambassadors in British secondary schools.

The social media giant’s announcement comes on the heels of the British government’s unrolling of its Internet Safety Strategy; which includes possible levies on social media platforms.

According to Facebook—which reached over two billion active monthly users in 2017—the company has partnered with charitable organizations to provide online and classroom training to assist teenagers in addressing cyberbullying.

Recent research shows many young cyberbullying victims are reluctant to disclose to an adult what is happening.

Facebook’s funding would help train mentors in 4,500 British schools over the next 2 years.

In response to the announcement, a spokesperson for NSPCC, a UK charity fighting child abuse, stated:

It is absolutely vital that Facebook and the internet industry work to ensure that their platforms are safe environments for young people to use.

We want to see a strong set of minimum standards that all social media companies must follow including grooming and bullying alerts, an army of child safety moderators, clear community guidelines and greater transparency about how and what they are doing to keep children safe online.