[Managing Attorney Candice Blain discusses which personal injury lawsuits result in the biggest settlements]



Who doesn’t like money? Money is great. But getting money can be hard. Especially these days. One way people undeniably get money is through a lawsuit or personal injury settlement.

But how much money do they actually get?

The reality is, it depends. As a general rule, the biggest settlements come from the biggest injuries.

This is because bigger injuries are more costly: the victims need more money to pay for doctors, lost wages, medication, and all the things they will need to get better, get compensated for the pain they suffered, and continue their lives.

Keep in mind, that “injury” does not always refer to a bodily injury.  When lawyers talk about injuries they mean any way in which a person becomes worse off because of what happened to them.

That being said, the most costly injuries that an individual may experience are usually physical. They are referred to as “personal injuries”

Because there are so many types of injuries, and people, and lifestyles, and places where they live, there is no one answer to question how much a settlement is worth. But, because we have data on the types of lawsuits that have been filed, have gone to trial, and have settled, we generally have an idea of what kinds of injuries lead to the biggest settlements.

Lifecare plans

The biggest personal injury settlements usually involve personal injuries in which the victim, because of what happened, now requires lifelong care.  Settlements in these cases can reach millions of dollars.


The next type of big personal injury settlement usually involves another devastating type of injury called Traumatic brain injury or TBI. These are injuries in which the victim has suffered some type of permanent brain damage— usually caused by a violent impact to their head or a being deprived of oxygen for some period of time.


Burns are the next type of personal injury that lead to large settlements. There are different types of burns, with 3rd degree burns generally being the most severe. And because these burns—and the treatment for them—can be both extremely painful and lead to permanent disfigurement, compensation for 3rd degree burns tends to be high.


Amputations are another type of injury that leads to high settlement awards. Depending on the work an individual performed, an amputation can affect a his or her ability to earn income for the rest of his or her life.

Spine injuries

Other permanent injuries that can lead to a high personal injury settlement are spine injuries.

So overall, permanent devastating injuries lead to the highest settlements.

Besides these, individuals can receive settlements for temporary personal injuries like broken bones or soft tissue damage (whiplash or sprains, and strains).

Overall, the amount of a personal injury lawsuit settlement for generally depends on the type of injury. As a general rule, permanent devastating injuries lead to higher settlements than temporary, minor injuries.


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