Get an Experienced Lawyer. And More.

Over 5.7 million people live in metro Atlanta. And with thousands of attorneys offering their services, finding the right lawyer can feel overwhelming.

Blain LLC is different.

It is our experience and more that set us apart from other Atlanta law firms.

We handle fewer cases

Blain LLC is committed to ensuring our clients always receive the attention and focus their cases deserve.  We help our clients by being selective.

Many law firms run high-volume practices.  In those firms, clients become just a number and their attorneys often juggle high case loads just to raise their bottom lines.

Our law firm does things differently.

At Blain LLC, our first priority is making sure we provide excellent client-centered representation.

No two cases are the same.

Which is why personalized representation makes a difference. Our decision to focus on fewer cases leads to greater effectiveness for us as your lawyer — and to better results.

No matter how complex your case, whether your case centers on auto accident, personal injury, child support, or any of our other areas of specialization—Blain LLC will provide excellent and compassionate representation.

We are advocates

At Blain LLC we are passionate about helping victims and fighting for justice.

From the very start, we take the time to sit down with our clients, to get to know them, and to let them know what we can do for them. Our clients learn in advance what the process will be like and what to expect at every stage.

Beyond simply working on their case, we spend time with our clients throughout their case, making sure that their needs are being met.

And, after a case is won, we do whatever needs to be done to help bring about a complete recovery.

Hire a lawyer that will fight for you because he cares about your cause.  Contact Blain LLC and see the results you get when your attorney actually cares.

We are experienced

Blain LLC has experience getting results in the courtroom and at the negotiation table.

While many cases are resolved through settlement negotiations before ever setting foot in a courtroom, we believe every case should be litigated with the assumption that the case will go to trial.

Experienced trial lawyers are familiar with the court system, have handled and tried numerous cases, and have a deep understanding of relevant laws.

Before a case goes to trial, an experienced trial lawyer understands the importance of meticulously building a strong case—one backed by admissible and compelling evidence.

And at trial, an experienced attorney knows to be well-prepared, masterful, and persuasive.

When it is time for trial, you want to ensure you have an experienced personal injury trial lawyer by your side representing your case

At Blain LLC, no matter how complex or difficult your case, you will have an attorney with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to get results.

We can help

At Blain LLC we take a unique approach to helping our clients.

And we offer proven expertise in a range of civil cases—from sexual harassment and discrimination to premises liability to cyberbullying.

We combine experience with in-depth personalized legal advice to ensure that each client receives helpful guidance from an experienced lawyer.

Schedule a lawyer consultation

We help settle and try cases throughout Atlanta, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you. Discover the difference that a quality, experienced attorney can make in your personal injury or litigation case.

Consult with a reputable accident attorney who can explain your legal options. An experienced Atlanta area lawyer will be able to analyze your situation, and assess your damages.

We begin each case by identifying and discussing your objectives. Whether you are exploring career objectives, launching a new business, planning professional growth, or are engaged in legal dispute, we work with you to develop a strategic plan to ensure your success.

We listen to you and we learn your needs.

This is how cases are truly won – through outcomes that match your goals. By identifying your objectives, we navigate your case effectively and never lose sight of the desired outcome.

Hire Blain LLC to fight on your behalf, provide solid guidance on on how to avoid issues that may affect your case, and help you plan and execute a strategy for success.

During your attorney consultation, we will assess your case, explore your case strategy, and explain how we can help you.

Once you choose our firm, we will work closely with you throughout the your case.

Choose the right lawyer for your case

Having the right attorney representing you can be the difference between winning and losing.  We have experience that matters.

With years of experience in dealing with lawsuits within the state of Georgia, we are committed to providing you with exceptional legal services to help resolve your case or obtain compensation for your injuries.  We are a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, the Atlanta Bar Association, and the American Association for Justice.

We Get Results

When filing a lawsuit, dealing with litigation, or handling a pre-litigation dispute, the process can be very confusing and sometimes frightening. Given the importance of what is at stake, your injuries, or your related damages, you deserve a just and fair outcome. Negotiating a fair settlement, or having to fight for your rights in a trial, is difficult on your own.

Blain LLC helps Atlanta area clients recover verdicts and settlements, and successfully resolve litigation.

We can help get you the success you deserve.

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