Candice Blain

Candice Blain is founder and managing attorney of the law firm Blain LLC.

She is a legal expert in cyber abuse, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, non-consensual image-sharing (commonly referred to as ‘revenge porn’) and gender-related abuse.

She is also a sexual assault survivor.

When she was a 19-year old college student, Ms. Blain was followed home by a stranger and beaten in an attempted rape.  Her injuries left her hospitalized for days.

The perpetrator was never found.

In 2016, after spending a decade working for some of the nation’s top firms, Ms. Blain founded Blain LLC.

In representing clients of the firm, Ms. Blain applies knowledge from her experience as a lawyer – and a passion that can only come from being a survivor.

Today, Candice Blain is a trial attorney with proven expertise in developing and implementing successful litigation and settlement strategies.

She is a recognized legal expert on cyberbullying, online harassment, and contemporary gender-related issues and has appeared in numerous national media outlets.


Candice is a graduate of Spelman College and the University of Georgia School of Law.

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