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Cyberstalking, cyber harassment, and cyberbullying are real-life problems with sometimes tragic consequences. The effects cyberstalking, cyberbullying, or cyber harassment can be severe.  Hire a cyberbullying legal expert to help put an end to your cyber abuse nightmare.

Cyberbullying laws and legal solutions for victims do exist—and they can be used to help end the nightmare of cyber abuse.

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Cyberbullying Legal Expert

If you are being threatened, intimidated, humiliated, or harassed online—or if you fear for your safety, the safety of your family, or the safety of your children due to online intimidation, threats, or stalking, enlist the help of a cyberbullying legal expert.

An experienced cyberbullying and cyber abuse lawyer can help you explore available options and navigate legal solutions to help stop cyberbullying, and help undo some of its damaging effects.

Whether you are experiencing cyberbullying, cyber harassment, or cyberstalking, we can help.

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Help for Victims

Cyber abuse can occur in several different forms; these include cyberbullying, cyber harassment, and cyberstalking.  The problem is increasingly recognized as a significant public health concern.

Finding solutions for cyber abuse begins with first understanding what cyber abuse is and what it can look like.

To identify cyber abuse, you should consider what is being done and how it is being done.  This is because all types of cyber abuse involve two main components:

(1) a type of behavior—the conduct


(2) a means of doing it—the tool.

Recognize the Conduct.

The first element in properly identifying cyber abuse is to consider the type of conduct that is occurring.

Cyber abuse is, at its core, harmful behavior.  Whether it takes the form of threats, insults, nonconsensual image-sharing (i.e., ‘revenge porn’), or other actions to embarrass, intimidate, or humiliate the victim, cyber abuse remains a form of abuse.

Cyber abuse is conduct taken to advance the goal of hurting the victim in some way.

Recognize the Tool.

The second component for identifying cyber abuse is to consider the tool that is being used.

In all cyber abuse cases, that tool is technology.

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