What are a school’s responsibilities to address sexual harassment and sexual violence?

A school has a responsibility to promptly and effectively respond to a complaint of campus sexual assault.

If a school knows or reasonably should know about sexual harassment or sexual violence that creates a hostile environment, the school must take immediate action to eliminate the sexual harassment or sexual violence, to prevent it from happening again, and to fix the negative effects caused by it.

Even if a student or his or her parent does not want to file a complaint or does not request that the school take any action on the student’s behalf, if a school knows or reasonably should know about possible sexual harassment or sexual violence, the school has a duty to promptly investigate what occurred and then take reasonable steps to resolve the situation.

A criminal investigation into allegations of sexual harassment or sexual violence does not relieve a school of its duty under Title IX to promptly and fairly resolve a complaint of sexual misconduct.

Here is information on the numbers of college female rape and assaults:


Data Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics Research


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