Civil Litigation and Trial

Blain LLC is a law firm representing individuals in a range of lawsuits through civil litigation and trial.

While many cases are resolved through settlement negotiations before ever setting foot in a courtroom, every case should be prepared with the assumption that there will be a trial.

When going to trial is your only remaining legal option, you want to ensure that you have an experienced personal injury trial lawyer by your side representing your case.  A high quality trial lawyer is familiar with the court system, has handled numerous cases of the same type, and has a deep understanding of the relevant statutes and case laws that apply.

Before trial, you need an experienced trial lawyer understands the importance of meticulously building a strong case that is backed by admissible evidence and compelling testimony. At trial, you need an attorney who is well-prepared and persuasive.

The circumstances surrounding your particular case, the admissible evidence supporting your allegations, and the damages you are entitled to recover varies substantially from case to case. You need a lawyer with experience handling your specific type of case.

Whether you were involved in an accident, subjected to unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, are a victim of cyber harassment or bullying, or have some other problem, you need a lawyer who is familiar with each and every aspect of your particular type of case to provide you with the best legal representation possible.

At Blain LLC, we begin each case by identifying and discussing your objectives.  We listen to you and learn your needs.  This is how cases are truly won – through outcomes matching your goals.  By identifying your objectives, we navigate your case effectively and never lose sight of the desired outcome.  We provide solid guidance on on how to avoid issues that may affect your case and help you plan and execute a strategy for success.

If you are looking for excellent and aggressive legal representation in civil litigation schedule a consultation with Blain LLC to discuss your case with an experienced trial attorney.

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