Campus sexual assault is one of our niche areas.

We offer legal assistance for students that have been assaulted or raped.

A school’s inadequate efforts to prevent an assault/rape occurring under school supervision or in school-related activities can support liability under Title IX.
When a sexual assault/rape is part of a larger pattern/environment of ongoing harassment— i.e., severe and pervasive misconduct negatively impacting the ability to receive an education, which constitutes discrimination under Title IX a school — may be under a duty to step in and correct it.

If the school’s response (or failure to respond) was ‘clearly unreasonable’ given the circumstances and its knowledge at the time, then the school can be found ‘deliberately indifferent,’ and liability imposed under Title IX.
Claims may also successfully be brought under Title IX based on inadequacies in a school’s response/handling/investigation following a student’s reporting of assault or rape.  F