A Lot of Things Happening in the World

A lot of things are happening in the world today. Unfortunately, online abuse remains one of them…

There is a lot going on in the world today.

We are moving farther apart. Yet in many ways we are moving closer together.

In these times as we continue to look for ways to stay safe, come together, and meaningfully connect with one another, much of our lives have moved online. And, wherever people gather together there will always be greater opportunities for kinder, better interactions — but, sadly, also many openings for less kind ones…

Cyberbullying, harassment, and online abuse are real. And they can represent very real threats to individuals’ sense of safety, peace of mind, and well-being.

As we move forward, it is important to remember that we each have a duty to avoid unnecessarily harming others. But, we also have a right to insist on freedom from harm caused by others. This includes harm caused by online harassment and abuse.

Be kind. Always.

And never stop fighting for what is right.

Black lives matter.