In Georgia, property owners are responsible for keeping premises in reasonably safe condition to prevent those visiting the property from getting injured.  This means they should be ready for snow days in Atlanta, even though they are rare.

To avoid liability, a property owner should, on snowy or icy days, take reasonable measures like removing snow from paths and walkways and spreading salt (or brine) to prevent people from slipping and falling.  This responsibility is not limited merely to areas within the boundaries of the owner’s property.  It also extends to areas used by visitors to access the property.

Finally, property owners should remember that this duty is not solely owed to those that are invited by the owner or business onto the property.  An owner may be held responsible even if the injured person’s presence was unwanted at that time.  In other words, if an owner has reason to anticipate people may come onto the property, reasonable precautions should be taken to make sure it is safe.

So, Atlanta business owners: clear the snow. Even on days when Atlanta is closed.

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